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ClickSeq™ is a unique method for RNAseq and DNAseq that uses ‘Click-Chemistry’ in place of commonly used biological reagents such as fragmentases and ligases. ClickSeq is a simple procedure and considerably cheaper than other commonly used alternatives. 

At ClickSeq Technologies, we provide on-site per-sample sequencing services together with bioinformatic support and we offer ClickSeq kits.

Advantages of ClickSeq™:

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RNAseq without the fragmentation or ligation.

ClickSeq Schematic

ClickSeq: Fragmentation-Free Next-Generation Sequencing via Click Ligation of Adaptors to Stochastically Terminated 3′-Azido cDNAs:

Routh et al. JMB 2015

ClickSeq was originally published in 2015 in the Journal of Molecular Biology as a method to make RNAseq libraries that do not contain artifactual chimeric reads to allow the detailed analysis of rare recombination events in RNA viruses. 


3' end RNAseq for simplified gene expression and alternative polyadenylation analysis

Read Coverage over Human Akt1 mRNA: Poly(A)-ClickSeq (PAC-Seq) vs RNAseq

Poly(A)-ClickSeq: click-chemistry for next-generation 3΄-end sequencing without RNA enrichment or fragmentation: 

Routh et al. NAR 2017

A method for sequencing just the 3′ ends of eukaryotic messenger RNAs by priming from poly(A) tails and using AzATP, AzGTP and AzCTP to terminate RT-PCR just upstream of the poly(A) tail in the 3’ UTR was published in Nucleic Acids Research in 2017. 


Targeted sequencing: Each tiled amplicon is derived from only one template-specific primer 

Tiled-ClickSeq Schematic

Tiled-ClickSeq for targeted sequencing of complete coronavirus genomes with simultaneous capture of RNA recombination and minority variants:

Jaworski et al. eLife 2021

Tiled-ClickSeq leverages the ClickSeq approach to perform complete genome or gene sequencing. Using multiple tiled primers, overlapping amplicons spanning the target are generated. Tiled-ClickSeq has been optimized for the whole genome sequencing of RNA viruses including SARS-CoV-2.