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 Key Publications

ClickSeq Schematic

ClickSeq: Fragmentation-Free Next-Generation Sequencing via Click Ligation of Adaptors to Stochastically Terminated 3′-Azido cDNAs:

Routh et al. JMB 2015

ClickSeq was originally published in 2015 in the Journal of Molecular Biology as a method to make RNAseq libraries that do not contain artifactual chimeric reads to allow the detailed analysis of rare recombination events in RNA viruses. 

Read Coverage over Human Akt1 mRNA: Poly(A)-ClickSeq (PAC-Seq) vs RNAseq

Poly(A)-ClickSeq: click-chemistry for next-generation 3΄-end sequencing without RNA enrichment or fragmentation: 

Routh et al. NAR 2017

A method for sequencing just the 3′ ends of eukaryotic messenger RNAs by priming from poly(A) tails and using AzATP, AzGTP and AzCTP to terminate RT-PCR just upstream of the poly(A) tail in the 3’ UTR was published in Nucleic Acids Research in 2017. 

ClickSeq Options and Schemata

ClickSeq: Replacing Fragmentation and Enzymatic Ligation with Click-Chemistry to Prevent Sequence Chimeras:

Since the original inception of ClickSeq, we have made a number of improvements and refinements to the protocol and provide a step-by-step guide for making ClickSeq libraries published in Methods in Molecular Biology. 

Tiled-ClickSeq Schematic

Tiled-ClickSeq for targeted sequencing of complete coronavirus genomes with simultaneous capture of RNA recombination and minority variants:

Jaworski et al. eLife 2021

Tiled-ClickSeq leverages the ClickSeq approach to perform complete genome or gene sequencing. Using multiple tiled primers, overlapping amplicons spanning the target are generated. Tiled-ClickSeq has been optimized for the whole genome sequencing of RNA viruses including SARS-CoV-2. 

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Public Seminars and Talks

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